Bounced back from unimaginable adversities that life has thrown my way. I was able to survive because I am resilient. After abuse, divorce, cancer, a child with addiction, and a special needs grandchild, I did not hide and wait for the next shoe to drop. Instead, I picked up the pieces of my shattered life and decided to make a difference.

Part of this amazing group of women who have gone on to become Authors, Coaches, Business Women, Doctors, Entertainers and Olympians and other high powered careers. Sure, we could have stayed in our sweat pants and eaten junk food all day to make us feel better. We chose not to. We are no longer the victims of adversity. We have found a way to bounce back.

Show others how to become a Bounce Back Women. I have walked through hell and found my way back. I am stronger than ever before. With my strength and knowledge I will empower and inspire others who need to find their resiliency to become a bounce back woman!